Munda Wanga: Garden yearning for renewal

ON KAFUE ROAD about 15 kilometres from the Lusaka Central District Business is Munda Wanga Sanctuary and Botanic Garden which sits on about 25 hectares of land with the potential to attract both local and foreign visitors.
Those who visited the garden in the 60s and the 70s have a different story to tell about the beauty and the serenity that characterised the setting.
George Mwale, 67, recalls how he would relax in the botanical gardens under a tree enjoying the summer breeze before strolling around the zoo to view the many animals that were housed by Munda Wanga.
“I used to go to Munda Wanga to recollect or to wind down on my week. It was peaceful as I would hear the birds singing and watch monkeys swing from tree to tree, even the animals seemed content,” he recalls.
However, today the story is different. The botanical gardens are in ruins, the cafe is closed, and CLICK TO READ MORE

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