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Mumbwa to get GBV shelter for victims

MUMBWA district assistant social welfare officer Lizzy Chirwa says the department has acquired land from traditional leaders to construct a place of safety for gender-based violence (GBV) victims.
Ms Chirwa said in an interview on Thursday that the district does not have a place of safety at the moment.
“We do not have a place of safety for gender-based violence victims, neglected children and children retrieved from early marriage,’’ she said.
Ms Chirwa said the social welfare department has to take victims to Lusaka whenever they have such cases.
She said the department of social welfare is fortunate to have a vehicle which was donated to them by World Vision Zambia.
She however said the department is mostly forced to solicit for fuel from cooperating partners whenever victims are taken to places of safety in Lusaka.
Ms Chirwa said social welfare and other Government officers are at times forced to keep victims of abuse at their homes when transport is not available.
“I am currently keeping one victim of abuse and the council chairperson is taking care of two victims of abuse. We have been forced to keep these victims of abuse at our homes because we are waiting for their relatives to come and pick them up,’’ she said.
Ms Chirwa said cases of GBV in Mumbwa are high but that most people are afraid of reporting to the police for fear of being bewitched or murdered.
She said most people in the district have been sensitised on the dangers of GBV but that cultural beliefs are a hindrance to curbing the vice.
Ms Chirwa called on cooperating partners to come on board and support Government’s effort in eliminating GBV.
Meanwhile Ms Chirwa thanked World Vision Zambia for donating 30 mattresses which will be used at the place of safety once it is completed.
She also appealed to well-wishers to come on board and help the district with financial support and other resources needed towards construction of a place of safety.

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