Mumbwa puts on new face

RADIAN Stores has opened a branch in Mumbwa at a new shopping mall which has changed the face of the town.

WRITING in the Zambia Travel Guide, one traveller described Mumbwa as nothing more than a refuelling stop for those travelling between Lusaka and Mongu.
But even the writer was gracious enough to admit that they were possibly being unfair to the delightful little town of Mumbwa, which was actually Zambia’s first copper mining town.
It is not known when the writer of the piece in the Zambia Travel Guide was last in Mumbwa.
But if they were to go there now, they would discover that the area is undergoing tremendous change.
However, Gracious Hamatala, the Mumbwa Town Council chairperson, is happy with the progress Mumbwa is making with its steady developmental agenda.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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