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Mumbwa gathers for revival fire on Christmas Day

FOR many Christians across the globe, there could be no better time than to praise the Heavens for the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25.
Yes, many years ago, believers across the five continents worshipped and praised God for the only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who was born of Virgin Mary.
And thus, man, according to the Bible, shall live forever more because of Christmas Day, the day Christians have widely reserved and perceived as the day of glorifying the Messiah.
A snap survey around the rural town of Mumbwa last week revealed that all roads would lead to the Revival Fire Mission Ministries for an all-night gathering filled with songs and hymns that truly define Christmas Day.
With his audio and new videos, which have since gone viral, gospel minister Noel Mwakalima will be heading to the church to raise awareness on the need for fellow youth to seek the Kingdom of God as their first priority.
In an interview with the Gospel Grooves, Noel revealed that only when the youth change their mindset and seek ye first the Kingdom of God shall everything be added to them.
Today, many youths, as Noel observed, have linked their worshipping to idols, and hence, the many transgressions and obscenity, among them, that have characterised their youthful lives.
With his new videos titled Nshakatine and Ni Yesu, taken off his debut album aptly titled Sitizagona, Noel, like the first Noel in the Bible, will be aiming at transforming lives with his blessed tunes.
Even though he walks through the shadow of the valley of death, Noel is comforted that with the Lord by his side, he shall fear no evil.
Thus, he concluded that no imposter pastor shall deliver him from his iniquities and transgressions that seem to be overshadowing many of his fellow youths.
To add some anointing flavour to the all-night praise and worship will be Noel’s other songs such as Namitotela, which is hugely inspired by the scripture in 1 John 1:9.
But then, like many of his new followers who worship God in truth and in spirit have lately been dragged into, Noel’s other songs such as Nalimitemwa, Mwe Bakulu and My World may just find their way into many of the congregants’ hearts.
With most songs based on his true life experiences, Noel believes that it is this very time when Christians must show love by giving and sharing that which the Lord has blessed them with.
Christmas, yes, is about love, sharing, giving and letting God’s children co-exist for the benefit of the Love of Christ, who eventually died for all sinners on the Cross of Calvary.
Noel, with his close friend and fellow worshipper of the gospel, Clinton, will be ministering all to the glory of His Majesty on Christmas Day.
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