Mumbi Phiri appointed PF deputy SG


PRESIDENT Lungu has appointed former Munali member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri as Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary-general and member of the ruling party’s central committee.
And the President has appointed 16 district commissioners for Western Province.
Mrs Phiri has been directed to mobilise the PF by enhancing the ongoing recruitment drive to grow the ruling party’s membership across the country.
The head of State said the PF is a social-democratic movement founded on the principle of inclusiveness where any willing citizen is welcome.
“The democratic credentials of this great party are premised on our collective fundamental belief that we are a united family but one that is open to new ideas and new members,” Mr Lungu said in a statement released yesterday by his special assistant for press and public relations, Amos Chanda.
He said a free and open society is only possible when it is built on a broad-based agenda that speaks to diverse interests of all sections of society.
“The PF is a party that is always informed by diversity of content and character in terms of both ideas and individuals. This is who we are,” President Lungu said.
He said the PF must always remain a party of those willing to freely associate with one another and prepared to accept the dictates of the moral majority.
Mrs Phiri, who is also former high commissioner to Kenya, has assured the President that her first task would be to undertake a countrywide membership recruitment drive to attract all Zambians eligible for membership under the PF constitution.
And President Lungu has appointed all 16 district commissioners in Western Province.
These are Siyamana Mubita for Luampa, Nyambe Sampaya for Shangombo, Mubiana Mutomena for Sioma and Albertina Mwanamwalye for Mwandi.
Others are Vivien Mubukwanu (Mulobezi), Captain Lumwanya (Sesheke), Alfred Miyato (Kalabo), Kufuka Kufuka (Sikongo), Teddy Chimbinde (Nalolo) and Morris Litula (Lukulu).
The rest are Joster Manjolo (Lukulu West), Robert Chiseke (Kaoma), Precious Muyenga Ndui (Senanga) , Freda Luhila (Nkeyema), Nambo Litambo (Limulunga) and Simasiku Kamona for Mongu.

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