Mumba Yachi at home

MUMBA Yachi.

SPEAKING a little candidly for the first time since his deportation in November last year, folk musician Mumba Yachi has given an insight into his situation with a posting on his Facebook page.
But it is only a little insight; the only thing to take out is that he is at home where he is and is not really longing to come back.
Mumba Yachi, who is still loud on local airwaves thanks to his song “Ifyakumwena Kubukulu”, which features Chef 187, says he is not as miserable as some people might think.
“I am a very proud man. I am not miserable as some may think sometimes. Jesus told the girls of Jerusalem to cry for themselves and their children. Because he knew he will resurrect the third day,” Mumba Yachi, who was deported to Congo DR, posted on his Facebook page.
“When you think of me, don’t see a deportee who is longing to comeback. Zambia is the country of my heart and I will carry it wherever I go. Zambia shaped me. But think of me like a proud son of Africa who is always fighting for the lost African consciousness in his songs and in his daily life because the struggle is the same everywhere in Africa.”
Some of the contents in Mumba Yachi’s post can only be understood by those who have followed him closely and understand how thinks.
“There are too many things that all of us can do to liberate ourselves forever, for the future of our children. Each one of us can work towards that. Time is so short and the ‘enemy’ is looting us without pity and shame,” he said.
“Mr [Martin] Luther is looking at you and am looking into the future.”
Earlier, Mumba Yachi had posted that that he has decided to be quiet does not imply that he is guilty as charged.
“Just because I have never given my side of story, it doesn’t mean am wrong,” he said. “I have chosen to be quiet over some matters in life because sometimes words can lose where silence can win.”
Mumba Yachi, 31, was deported to the Congo DR in November by the Zambian Immigration authorities who said his presence and conduct in Zambia was likely to be a danger to peace and good order.
“The deportation was that of a Congolese musician, Tshite Mukenge, popularly known as Mumba Yachi. Tshite Mukenge (31) was deported under a warrant signed by the Minister of Home Affairs as there were reasonable grounds to believe that his presence and conduct in Zambia were likely to be a danger to peace and good order,” Namati Nshinka, the Immigration public relations officer, said in a statement.

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