Mum breast feeding under police guard

A TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD woman of Chienge is tending her three-day-old baby under police guard after she allegedly aborted a seven-month-old pregnancy and tried to dispose of the baby.
A quick report made to police by another woman, Songwe Mulenga, 31, of the same village, who suspected that Jane Musonda had carried out an abortion, saved the baby, which was found alive in a cardbox.
Luapula Province commissioner of police Elias Chushi said the police received the report from Mulenga, 31, of Sankwe Village in Chief Mununga’s area.
He said police officers followed up the report involving concealment of a birth, resulting in the arrest of Musonda, who admitted having aborted her 7-month pregnancy on Thursday around 03:00 hours.

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