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Mulusa puts spotlight on Mtendere road

SPECIAL assistant to the President for projects monitoring and implementation Lucky Mulusa says  approximately US$2 million is required to tar the road from Lusaka’s Presidential Housing Initiative (PHI) in Chainama to Mtendere East.
Speaking when he toured township roads in Munali constituency with member of Parliament (MP) Nkandu Luo and Road Development Agency (RDA) officials in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mulusa said: “There is a request by Professor Luo that this part of Mtendere receives the benefits of the township roads and this is very reasonable and it is understandable.”
Mr Mulusa said once tarred, the road will decongest the main road and allow free-flow of traffic.
He said the road will also enhance the value of the properties in Mtendere.
And Prof Luo appealed to Lusaka City Council to ensure that township roads are worked on, especially in Mtendere township.
Prof Luo, who is Minister of Gender and Child Development, said it is important for residents of Mtendere to have a good road network.
The minister asked RDA to consider including some of the roads in Munali in ongoing projects such as the L400.
“Before people constructed here in Mtendere, there was a dam, which was gazetted and served as a reservoir at the time.  We never had much of the flooding going on in the area,” Prof Luo said.
She said the road from PHI to Mtendere is important because it is not only a short cut to Kabwe but is also of economic value.
“You can actually connect from here through Ngwerere, then you are off to Kabwe. We also just need to sort out this place because of the problem of flooding,” Prof Luo said.
The minister said bridges are already done from PHI to Mtendere main and East and all that is remaining to be done is for the road to be tarred.
She said this will make the residents happy.