Mulungushi Village coming out of doldrums

SYLVESTER Mashamba’s resignation as board chairperson of the Mulungushi Village Complex Limited (MVCL) came as a surprise to many.
Dr Mashamba, who resigned on May 31 this year, was appointed board member of MVCL in December 2008. He became chairperson in 2010.
This is because it is rare for a board member, let alone the chair of the board who has successfully fulfilled the mandate of the stakeholders to voluntarily step down.
What is common in Zambia and other third world countries is for people to be forced out of the board through dissolutions.
As a result, they are not honoured by the firms on which they served.
But Dr Mashamba has done what maybe considered a taboo in Zambia by leaving the stage while the stakeholder (Industrial Development Corporation), fellow board members and staff of MVCL are still clapping.
Reason: he thinks he has done his best for MVCL and its shareholders. CLICK TO READ MORE

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