Letter to the Editor

Mulungushi vice-chancellor doing good job

Dear editor,
MAY I use your paper to thank Professor Hellicy Ng’ambi, who is vice-chancellor for Mulungushi University and Nkrumah University, for running the affairs of the institution professionally.

Ever since Nkrumah became a university, I had never seen an advert in the media for lecturer recruitment at the institution. Yet this is a public university.
We do not know how lecturers there were being recruited in the absence of adverts in the public media. But with the coming of Professor Ng’ambi as vice-chancellor, for the first time we saw adverts in the Daily Mail and other media advertising for jobs of lecturers at Nkrumah.
Professor, we thank you for this public accountability. May I also appeal to other emerging public universities, including Chalimbana, to emulate what Professor Ng’ambi has done.

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