Letter to the Editor

MultiChoice should compensate subscribers with free viewing

Dear editor,
THE load-shedding currently prevailing in Zambia is depriving people of access to watch the GOtv and DStv channels.
Most domestic consumers, including this author, are being load-shed for prolonged periods, notably between 10:00 hours and 15:00 hours every day.
The above scenario is not good. It entails that people are not watching these pay TV channels for a long time in the wake of extended load-shedding hours.
MultiChoice, the service provider for GOtv and DStv, is benefiting more than the subscribers.
In light of this, I earnestly appeal to Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) to come to the plight of the subscribers.
There is need to liaise with MultiChoice so that the firm can consider reducing the monthly subscription fees for GOtv and DStv.
Furthermore, MultiChoice should devise a preview pay facility, where consumers are charged for the period they watch these pay TV channels and not when there is no electricity because of load-shedding.
When this system is implemented, the subscribers will be getting real value for their money, unlike what is transpiring at the moment.
Just imagine a situation where electricity is interrupted at 05:00 hours and restored at 24:00 hours. Honestly, what time can the subscriber watch television? He or she wants to sleep or might have slept by that time.
Personally I can’t recall the last time I watched television because of prolonged load-shedding hours.
MultiChoice will do well to compensate subscribers for GOtv and DStv by providing free viewing for the month of October. Thereafter, the service provider should consider reducing the rates.

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