Mulenga embraces private media

Mulenga Kampamba.

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga has advised private media houses in the country against viewing

Government as their enemy.
Ms Mulenga says the private media should work with Government in keeping people informed on various issues which affect them.
She said this in Lusaka yesterday when she featured live on Millennium Radio during her tour of the station.
“Let us unite for a common goal of disseminating information to the public. We want to be partners in developing our country.
“The private media sometimes behave as though they do not belong to this country. They are biased but you need to do more, especially on issues of governance,” she said.
Ms Mulenga said the private and public media serve the same audience – Zambians.
She said Government wants citizens to be well-informed so that they can make proper decisions on matters that affect them.
“We are not gagging the private media but we demand the truth from them. They can criticise but within the confines of the truth. We serve the same people and we only have this country,” she said.
And Ms Mulenga said her ministry will soon put up a circular informing all ministers to be featuring on private radio and television stations to explain some policies.
She was responding to concerns by Prime Television proprietor Gerald Shawa that ministers shun featuring on private broadcasting stations.
“Honourable minister, it’s our appeal that these ministers be visiting the private media. They only come to us when they are fired,” Mr Shawa said.
And Ms Mulenga urged the private media to be innovative and generate money.
“In other countries, the media industry is big business and has made people become millionaires. Where have we gone wrong in Zambia?” she said.
Meanwhile, Ms Mulenga said people should take time to know each other before getting married.
She said Government is concerned about the increased cases of homicide in families.
“Zambia is a Christian nation, a family that prays together sticks together. We are hopeful that the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs’ involvement will put a stop to these murders,” Ms Mulenga said.
She said it is also time couples in troubled marriages opened up and disclosed their situations.
“I know our culture tells us not to speak out about marital problems, but it is okay to say you are hurt or that you are facing problems. It’s okay to say you don’t have money,” Ms Mulenga said.
The minister also toured Comet and Ama radio stations.

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