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Mukula auction raises K7m

GOVERNMENT has raised K7 million from the auction of seized logs of illegally harvested  mukula timber between December last year and January this year, Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection permanent secretary Inutu Suba has said.
Ms Suba said in an interview yesterday that Government expects to earn an additional K10 million by the end of this month from the more auctions.
“From the seized logs that are in the country we expect to raise about K10 million by the end of February. It could be more because we continue to seize more mukula tree logs,” Ms Suba said.
And Ms Suba says Government is exploring ways of enhancing border controls to curb illegal exportation of timber.
“We are putting up desks at selected border points in the country to deal with illegal exportation of unprocessed round wood. As a pilot project we have established one at Chirundu border post which has proved to be the most used exit point,” she said.

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