Mufumbwe Constituency grows

LAUNCH of Lubilo maternity ward in Kamabuta area in Mufumbwe constructed by Peace Corps at cost of K116, 000. PICTURE: PATSON MULAISHO/ZANIS

MUFUMBWE constituency is among the twelve constituencies in North-Western Province.
The constituency is about 244 kilometres from the provincial capital Solwezi.
Mufumbwe constituency is the only constituency in Mufumbwe district.

The constituency is divided in two parts, comprising the southern part under Chief Mushima Mubambe and the northern part which is ruled by Chief Chizera, both of the Kaonde speaking people.

The constituency shares boarders with six districts namely Kaoma in the south, Manyinga in the west, Mwinilunga in the North-east, Mumbwa in the South-east, Lukulu in the south-west and Kasempa in the east.
Mufumbwe constituency consists of sixteen wards that are spread across the district with a population of about 63, 000 people.
The major activity that sustains the economy of Mufumbwe is subsistence farming as the area is blessed with arable fertile land suitable for agriculture.
Farmers produce groundnuts, maize and cassava.
People in the constituency area also engaged in livestock farming as most households own cattle, goats, chickens and pigs.
However, a number of small- scale mining activities are still taking place at Kalengwa Mine in the area.
Some companies are also undertaking mining explorations in various parts of the constituency which is believed to have high copper concentrates.
Despite the constituency having arable fertile land, precious minerals and availability of the highly-prized Mukula tree, the area lags in development.
This is why people in the area are looking up to their new area member of Parliament Elliot Kamondo to implement development programmes that will improve their welfare.
Challenges people in the constituency face include inadequate schools, lack of recreation facilities, poor road network and lack of mobile communication in many places especially in the southern part of the constituency.
Others include lack of adequate health facilities and low staffing levels in most public institutions which is affecting the delivery of services to the people.
However, Government is aware of these challenges and has embarked on a number of developmental projects aimed at uplifting the living conditions of people in Mufumbwe.
In order to improve access to secondary education, Government is constructing the first ever boarding secondary school in Mufumbwe district at a cost of over K29 million.
This will accord an opportunity to many children in the constituency to access secondary education and supplement the eight day secondary schools.
Government has also established a youth resource centre which offers courses in various fields such as carpentry, brick laying, tailoring and agriculture to enable residents KAMONDOacquire survival skills to sustain their livielihood.
In the heath sector, Government has allocated nine health posts to the district out of the 74 being constructed in North-Western Province from the 650 being built across the country to help take health care services closer to communities.
The nine health posts, once completed, will supplement the district hospital and the fifteen clinics as well as the four health posts which are currently providing health care services to the people.
Under the road sector, about 15.7 kilometres of township roads have been earmarked for tarring at a cost of K114 million.
The project once completed will not only ease the movement of goods and people, but also reduce on travel time within the district and add beauty to the town.
In addition, Government has connected the district to the national power grid which is expected to help attract investments in various sectors and create jobs for the local people.
Government is also implementing a number of developmental projects through the local authority using the Constituency Development Fund.
Among the projects being undertaken are the renovation of the council guesthouse and the construction of an ablution block at Mufumbwe main bus station to help generate revenue for the council for service delivery.
The local authority has also embarked on the rehabilitation of some selected feeder roads.
A number of classroom blocks, staff houses as well as health facilities have been built using CDF.
With these efforts by the central government, it is clear that the constituency is on a development path.
This is why some stakeholders are calling on the government to relocate the North-Western Province headquarters to Mufumbwe district.
However, a lot still needs to be done if the living conditions of people in the area are to be improved and that is why the electorate in the area entrusted the responsibility to address their problems with Mr Kamondo who they voted as their representative in Parliament.
Mr Kamondo, a prominent businessman was elected member of Parliament for Mufumbwe constituency in the 2016 general elections on the United Party for National Development (UPND) ticket after beating three other contenders.
The lawmaker says his vision is to transform Mufumbwe into a better place to live in than it is now.
Mr Kamondo who has already made donations of solar lighting equipment to some schools in the constituency, says he wants to see the standard of education improve.
“You know, for me, education is the starting point for everything just like they say that education is the only key to success, so I have already distributed some solar lights to schools so that pupils in areas where they don’t have electricity are able to study at night,” he said.
Mr Kamondo said he plans to start implementing a number of projects that will improve the quality of life for the people.
He has pledged to work with all the people in the area including traditional leaders in his quest to develop the constituency.
Mr Kamondo has since appealed to Government to consider dividing Mufumbwe into two districts to help enhance service delivery to the people especially those in the southern part of the constituency.
“I want to put it on record that Mufumbwe constituncecy is the biggest in North-Western Province because from the main town to the last point, we travel for more than 420 kilometres, so we are appealing to the government that they should consider to give us another district or constituency,” he said.
The lawmaker also urged Government to consider relocating the provincial capital for North-Western Province from Solwezi to Mufumbwe district as the area is centrally located.
Mr Kamondo thanked the people of Mufumbwe for showing confidence in him by electing him as their MP and has pledged to fulfil his campaign promises.


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