Mufulira council owed K5.8m

MUFULIRA Municipal Council is owed K5.8 million in various rates and has appealed to the residents to settle all outstanding bills for improved service delivery.
And the local authority intends to introduce sanitation levy for street vendors to go towards cleaning of the streets in the central business district.
Mufulira town clerk Nsakanya Changwe said 70 percent of the residents do not pay rates dating back to 2012.
Mr Changwe said the council will issue notices for warrant of distress to the affected residents in order to recover the funds.
“The council is owed a total of K5.8 million in rates. We are therefore appealing to residents to settle the outstanding fees before we issue them with warrants of distress,” he said.
He said the council was unable to pay statutory obligations such as Zambia Revenue Authority and National Pensions Scheme Authority as a result of non-payment of rates.
Mr Changwe said the local authority has projects that are pending such as street lighting and pot-hole mending due to lack of funds.
“Apart from improving service delivery, parts of the resources are used to pay council employees,” he said.
And Mr Changwe said the council intends to introduce sanitation levy amounting to K2 per day for traders on the streets to go towards cleaning of the streets.
Mr Changwe said the town centre markets are deserted as people have opted to trade from the streets.
“We have markets such as Buteko and Malela, which are in the central business district, but the facilities have been deserted by traders. Marketeers are levied 50 ngwee per day, while on the street, we intend to start levying traders K2 per day,” he said.
The levy from street vendors is intended to go towards maintaining of the streets.
Meanwhile, Mr Changwe said the council will conduct its main evaluation role for over 18,000 properties in the mining town.

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