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MTN launches mobile health

MTN Zambia has announced another industry first in mobile health (mHealth) called Hello Doctor.
MTN Zambia chief marketing officer Clement Asante said in a statement yesterday that the launch of Hello Doctor is another milestone in achieving MTN’s mission to make its customers’ lives a whole lot brighter.
Mr Asante said MTN Zambia has consistently launched affordable solutions that improve the lives of its customers.
“Hello Doctor is a direct response to some of the challenges we face in the health sector.  Some of these challenges include distance.
Its convenience helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available, especially in distant rural communities,” Mr Asante said.
He said some of the advantages of Hello Doctor include receipt of expert tips on a mobile phone as well as to address health anxieties without necessarily going to the clinic.
“It provides comfort when all things are in order and serves as an early warning indicator in case things do not appear in order.
“In today’s fast paced world, people are health conscience and are always looking for solutions that offer convenience.  This is where Hello Doctor comes in handy as far as health,” he said.
Mr Asante said the Short Message Service (SMS) based service offers expert medical tips on various health matters such as maternal health, fitness, nutrition and general health.
“Each concern has been given a prescribed short keyword which customers have to send to 570 to subscribe for only K1 per day.  Subscribers will get two tips on the subject per day,” Mr Asante said.
He said this is the second mHealth solution MTN Zambia has launched after Talk2Baby.
“Talk2Baby allows expecting mothers to check the various stages of their pregnancy and what to expect at that stage.  While it cannot replace ante-natal care, it provides the basic information that any expecting mother should have,” Mr Asante said.