MTN introduces bundles for home internet use


MTN Zambia has launched HomePack, a group of data bundles designed for home use to grow internet access for the public.
Company head of Enterprise Business Unit Mark Townsend said there is need for improved internet access if Zambians are to keep up with global trends.
Mr Townsend said the company is on course to realise its vision to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world by providing various data solutions.
“MTN is committed to growing internet access in Zambia. The internet has now become a necessity and its access must be at anybody’s convenience.  It should not be a preserve of only a privileged few but a commodity to be accessed anywhere anytime.
“To make it user friendly, we have categorised the bundles into four (4) HomePack 10, HomePack 20, HomePack 30 and HomePack Unlimited.  We believe that the four data bundles cover everyone at home from the hardworking father to the busy mother and the student,”  he said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail yesterday.
He said the initiative will increase internet access for many Zambians owing to its convenience.
Mr Townsend said the HomePack will only be accessed using special 4G home routers.
He,however, said one of the barriers to internet access in Zambia is the prohibitive price of devices.
“The days of waiting for hours on end for music, pictures or videos to load online are long gone with MTN’s LTE service. It will significantly transform the way you interact with the world,” he said.

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