Letter to the Editor

MPs must sign social contracts

Dear editor,
KINDLY allow me to use your paper to request our honourable members of Parliament (MPs) to enter into binding social contracts with their electorate on milestones to be achieved.
Zambia has matured politically and time has come for the electorate to benefit from the sweat of their labour (campaigning and also voting for MPs, mayors or council chairpersons and ward councillors). Public office entails total dedication and sacrifice of family time, among other things.
Such social contracts should be based on:
• What each MP will do for his or her constituency in the next five-year tenure. Some MPs have literally monopolised their constituencies but have little or nothing to show to their electorate.
• Economic, cultural, environmental and social rights to improve human conditions, which are mainly absent in most parts of the country.
• Taking or improving road, educational, health and other infrastructure development in their constituency.
• Taking financial institutions (banks in particular) to unbanked communities in their areas.
Social contracts can also be used by the electorate to make informed decisions in subsequent elections because an aspiring candidate will be asked to ‘sonta apo wabomba’ or he or she should give chance to another candidate.
In a nutshell, social contracts will be tools for development and a wake-up call to some members of parliament who only appear on the scene when elections are near.
Congratulations honourables on being the “chosen ones”. Now sign social contracts and work for your communities so that your works will speak for you come 2021.
Kapiri Mposhi

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