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Mporokoso soya beans pilot project commence

AN AGRICULTURAL pilot project meant to promote commercial farming in Mporokoso district has been initiated, with the community offering 1,000 hectares for the cultivation of soya beans, area member of Parliament Brain Mundubile has said.
Mr Brain Mundubile said in an interview that subsistence farmers in the district have remained poor hence the initiative to engage the farmers to turn farming to a commercial level.
“[Prior to August 11 general elections], I campaigned as Mporokoso MP, I considered the circumstances facing the district [and] came to a conclusion that the problems in the district are common to other parts, therefore, we decided to apply the perceived solutions for Mporokoso to the other districts in the province,” he said.
Mr Mundubile said the project will provide employment and reduce poverty.
He said to that effect, a pilot project in partnership with the community and private sector was carried out.
Mr Mundubile said a consultant was engaged to draw a concept on agriculture, suggesting how the sector’s fortunes can benefit the province.
The concept entailed that the project acquires land and employs labour from the community and also that the private sector contributes financial support.

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