Mpondela gives excuse for humiliating loss to Foloko


FOLLOWING his crushing defeat to Alfred Foloko for the presidency of the National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) on Saturday, Elias Mpondela has attributed the loss to the many enemies he has.
Mpondela, the long-serving Zambia Athletics (ZA) president, could only manage nine votes against Foloko’s 43 in the crucial vote by sports federations for the NOCZ board.
It is a damning loss of popularity for the long-serving administrator, who narrowly lost his first bid five years ago.
Asked what he thought could have contributed to his loss, the athletics boss said: “I’ve had a lot of enemies, you know social media, I have people who call me friends but they’ve given me a character which I don’t have.”
Despite drawing a decent reputation in the corporate space, Mpondela has attracted criticism too, most of it fierce for his long stay as CLICK TO READ MORE

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