Mpika-bound wizard crash-lands

A  22-YEAR-OLD self-confessed wizard from Livingstone who allegedly crash-landed at Overcomer’s Church in Lusaka has been charged with conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.
Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said in an interview that the unnamed man crash-landed last Sunday when the church service was going on.
“The man landed in the church, started disturbing the service and speaking in a language all members of the church could not understand. The bishop and other church members started praying for him and he vomited three pieces of charms,” Mrs Katongo said.
She said after vomiting the charms and intensive prayers, the unnamed man started confessing how he has been sent by a group of witches from Livingstone to go and bewitch someone in Mpika.
Mrs Katongo said the man, however, could not understand and explain how he crash-landed at the church.
She said the church later took him to Kabwata Police Station where he remained in detention. The unnamed man was later fined by police and charged with conduct likely to cause breach peace.
Mrs Katongo said police has since released him.
And Overcomers Faith Chapel elder Brighton Banda said the man was speaking a strange language and only vomited charms when he was forced to drink anointing oil.
Mr Banda said the man also confessed at church of being a wizard and he was sent by witches to go and bewitch a pastor in Mpika.

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