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Mphuka happy with Luangwa Cultural Establishment

CHIEF Mphuka of the Chikunda people of Luangwa is happy that the Luangwa Cultural Establishment is working closely

with Government in spearheading development activities in the district.
And Chief Mphuka has called on his subjects and investors operating in his area to support this year’s Dantho traditional ceremony which will be held on September 23.
Speaking during a stakeholders’ meeting at his palace recently, the traditional leader said he enjoys a cordial relationship with the government.
He commended Government for working hard to develop his chiefdom.
“We need to work together and bring development to Luangwa,” he said.
Chief Mphuka said Government is implementing various development projects in his area.
“I am urging our sons and daughters who come from my chiefdom but live in other parts of the country and beyond Zambia to be proud of the Dantho traditional ceremony. They must support us in any way possible for us to successfully hold this year’s event,” he said.
The chief bemoaned the lack of support to the traditional ceremony, particularly from investors operating in Luangwa.
“I am going to hold a meeting with all investors operating in my chiefdom very soon. We get very little support from them, we want them to do more and contribute to the holding of Dantho traditional ceremony. We really struggle to find sponsors,” he said.
Chief Mphuka commended the Luangwa Cultural Establishment for its vision in promoting the ceremony.
“I declare a blessing on Luangwa Cultural Establishment and every member of the executive committee. Work well and I pray that this organisation will be successful in its activities,” he said.
Dantho traditional ceremony organising committee chairman Abraham Tembo said the money needed for hosting this year’s event is K25,000.
“We have 34 villages and we have asked each one of them to contribute K100 and some foodstuffs, but this will not be enough. That’s why we need a lot of support from everyone for us to successfully hold the ceremony,” he said.
And Luangwa Cultural Establishment chairperson Joseph Felemeng pledged to work with various government departments in enhancing development in the district.
“We are non-partisan, we are not politicians and any of us in the executive who will be seen engaging in partisan politics will be flushed out of the group. We want to work hard to develop Luangwa,” Mr Felemenga said.
He said the Chikunda- Nsenga-Ludzi Culture Day will be held on August 5 this year in Lusaka where various fund-raising ventures will take place.
Mr Felemenga said his group is targeting to raise enough money which will be used to hold the Dantho and Mbambala traditional ceremonies.