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Mpezeni declares `Mgubo’ for Sata

DEPUTY Inspector-General of Police Solomon Jere (centre) and some Ngoni warriors celebrate the life of President Sata as they entered the grounds of Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre to pay their last respects yesterday. President Sata’s remains are lying in state at Mulungushi. PICTURE: JEAN MANDELA

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has declared an official mourning period for his subjects called “Mgubo” in honour of President Sata.
Speaking through his induna, George Zulu, Chief Mpezeni said in an interview from South Africa yesterday that the Ngoni people  have officially joined their Bemba “cousins” in mourning President Sata until burial next Tuesday.
“Mgubo is a Ngoni way of mourning our beloved departed souls, we will endeavour to lighten this heavy burden on the Bembas and the entire nation, it will be our duty to carry out chores at every stage,” Chief Mpezeni said.
The Chief said he is heart-broken by the death of President Sata, who was not only a great leader but also his close ally.
“My shield is now broken and gone, I surely don’t know how to mourn my dear President, and he was a true friend, he was always there whenever I fell ill. I will miss him dearly,” Chief Mpezeni said.
He urged nation not to despair but to remember that President Sata was a Christian and his soul is in God’s hands in heaven.
The traditional leader called for unity among political leaders and that Mr Sata should be mourned with dignity and respect.
“As the people of Zambia, we should remember our cultural values that bring us together during such hard times, let us remain steadfast and resolute,” Chief Mpezeni said.
Chief Mpezeni is expected to return home today from South Africa, where he has been receiving treatment.

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