Mpeni Farm engage in fish sausage, mince, samoosas

SOME students attached at Mpeni Farms harvesting fish from one of the ponds. Picture right, Mr and Mrs Tembo.

FISH Farming is a relatively new phenomenon in Zambia but one which local farmers Joyce and her husband Robbie Tembo of Mpeni Farms believe has the potential to transform not only the agricultural sector but also the country’s economic outcome.
For the Tembos, fish farming goes beyond just growing the fish because they have taken it a notch higher by being innovative with the fish produced through value addition. Slowly but surely, their innovation seems to be getting the recognition it deserves.
The two main activities on Mpeni Farms is fish farming and bananas. However, they also have livestock such as free-range chickens, cattle and goats. They also have sugarcane, a variety of vegetables.
Currently the farm is making fish sausage, fish mince, fish pies, fish samosas, fish soup and fish oil.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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