Mpande releases ‘Muntu Susu’


CHOMA-BASED singer Emmanuel Mpande has released a single titled “Muntu Susu”, a Tonga phrase loosely translated as typical human being.
In the four-minute tune, Mpande reminds people to be wary of back stabbers who pretend to be nice.
He urges people never to reveal their personal information about themselves to a “Muntu Susu” or else “Ula kumanizya” [they will finish you].
Mpande says a “Muntu Susu” is better off being left alone sleeping than conversing with.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, the “Ikapaale” singer explained what motivated him to do the single whose lyrics are in Tonga.
“I was inspired to do this track because I have seen a lot of betrayal and back stubbing in our society,” Mpande said.
Part of the lyrics read: “Ubota na lala, Eliya na ona, Ikuti kalanga Muntu susu mubyabi, [A human is only good when asleep, if a person is awake, they are bad]”.
Mpande says some humans are up to not good even to their colleagues.
That’s why in the song he adds: “Muleke a one, ka goloma [Let them [mutu susu] sleep and continue snoring”.
He says revealing secrets or personal issues to a “Muntu Susu” is dangerous.
“Ula kumanizya” [they will finish you]” part of the lyrics read.
The singer warns that in life, some people will be nice while scheming to harm you.
He describes the tune as relatable.
In the song, Mpande also pays tribute to people who have impacted his life among them Fines Malambo and Monze Muleya.

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