MP battered

WHILE Members of Parliament (MPs) are primarily elected to be spokespersons for local interests, the Bahati lawmaker was given a new definition of what it means to be sent to the National Assembly as a people’s representative.
While visiting his constituency, located in the northern part of Mansa in Luapula Province, Charles Chalwe was accosted by his constituents, who accused him of being stingy and not sharing the proceeds he gets as an MP with them.
But the encounter with his constituents did not end there. They later followed it up with a beating when their demands for him to give them K50,000 could not be met.
Mr Chalwe said the incident happened on Sunday at a lodge. He was in the area to check on the voter registration process.
A group of between 15 and 20 youths are said to have followed him to Namwandwe Lodge after word went round that he was in the CLICK TO READ MORE

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