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Movie on sexual violence coming

AWARD-WINNING actress and director Cassie Kabwita is next month expected to start filming a movie about sexual and domestic violence titled Sound of Silence.
Cassie, who at the start of the year resolved to dedicate her heart and time as a filmmaker to the fight against sexual abuse and domestic violence on women and girls in Africa through film, music, poetry and photography, is in partnership with writer Jessie Chisi and is being supported by Patience Chisanga and the Women in Media.
Cassie says the concept and filming of Sound of Silence is based on collective true life events of abused women and girls in Africa and several factors gathered by everyday life experience.
“Audience profile and needs on our research shows that there are a lot of women and girls in Africa who are being abused and are scared to come out in the open because they don’t feel protected by society. Instead, they would rather give in to the violence and become slaves to avoid humiliation on themselves and families, hence contributing to the high growth rates of violence against women and girls in Africa,” she says.
“A home is supposed to be peaceful and loving but if it is filled with violence, children run away and prefer to stay on the streets, hence increasing the number of streets kids and endangering their lives. When kinds are on the streets, they become vulnerable to a lot of things; human trafficking, sexual abuse, drug abuse, murder, child soldier recruitment, and all sorts of crimes.
“I wish to see every African home being a better place for every African child to live in. Every child and woman has one hundred percent rights to a good and peaceful home.
“I feel as a public figure, I must use the status God has blessed me with to stand tall and speak out for the silenced voices. It’s my responsibility to confidently put my foot on the ground and encourage people to rise up and be heard.”

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