Motorists losing $100 monthly

CHILUMBULU Road has been expanded to dual-carriage and street poles installed much to the delight of pedestrians and motorists using them to beat time and traffic jam in Lusaka City

A LATEST University of Zambia (UNZA) report shows that motorists are losing on average US$100 on a monthly basis due to high fuel consumption and low productivity in view of the traffic congestion in Lusaka.
Currently, Government has launched the US$389 million Lusaka Decongestion Project (LDP) aimed at decongesting the city by building and expanding roads, fly-over bridges and overpasses, to be done in three years by Afcons International, an Indian construction company.
LusakaCC district planning officer Muchimba Maambo said Zambia has over 5,000 cars with Lusaka, accounting for 60 percent representing about 3,000 resulting in the city experience traffic jams

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