Letter to the Editor

Mothers, take charge of your children

Dear editor,
AS WE celebrate International Women’s Day today, I want to address some of the women of Zambia.
There are some hardworking women I see everyday trying to make a living.
For some, it is really a shame. They spend their time drinking beer. One wonders when such kind of women will attend to their homes. They may have no husband, but certainly a number of them have children. Do they realise what they are showing their children about life? By their actions, they are showing their children to live a reckless life. They are simply telling their children that life is all about drinking beer and not working hard. These mothers do not have time to teach their children about life. Imagine what kind of leaders we shall have in future!
Do we wonder why a number of young men and women take to drinking from an early age? They see it every day from their mothers.
Mothers, be proud and take charge of your children. Remember, some of those children are destined for great things. Happy International Women’s Day.

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