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Our mothers our pillars, let’s cherish them!

IF THERE is a word that surpasses best, then that’s what you are! Best in itself is an understatement to describe you, because through thick and thin you are always there to see us through.
You stay up all night to ensure the baby stops crying and you work hard during the day to make sure we have something on the table to eat.
You hide away your tears and share with us your cheers.
You believe in every child and even encourage them to work hard even when they disappoint you.
We are a big nuisance but you still believe we are so adorable and amazingly priceless to you.
You love so unconditionally you don’t even care about what others think of us, not by any chance do you think we will end up living miserable lives and most amazingly you care so much you can even give your lives for us.
Well, today is your special day and so here is a little something we have for you; having you in our lives has been the best gift we have ever received, an award we never worked for and a prize worth fighting for.
Your tender love and care has brought us this far and we are so glad to say “we still need it”. we know sometimes we are very obnoxious and say “we don’t need you anymore” but, mummy, we are still your babies.
We still need your timeless scolds, your comforting voices and your “I told you” so’s. true they really hurt but at least they keep us from making bad choices and having to join bad company at times.
Sorry for all the times we embarrassed you. we just wanted to feel independent and today on behalf of all the children, I want to tell you that you are the best mothers and we so much love you.
Happy women’s month.
The author is a motivational writer.