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Mothers camp at hospital for safe delivery

IN A normal setting, pregnant women go to the hospital to deliver their babies when they are in labour.
This, however, is not the case for some women in Nkeyema district in Western Province who have come up with an initiative to camp at Nkeyema Rural Health Centre when their pregnancies hit nine months, until they deliver their babies.
This is because of the long distances they cover from their homes, located on the outskirts of the district, to the rural health centre.
The four-hour journey on foot is mostly unbearable for the pregnant women, who end up giving birth on the way or, for the unfortunate ones, die before they reach the health centre.
Chipango Ngunga, 41, a wife and mother of four, has been waiting for the arrival of her child since October 15, 2022, 13 days to the day of the interview.
She is one of the firm believers in the practice of delivering at the health centre as opposed to home.
“The beauty of delivering at the health centre is that in case of any complications that arise during childbirth, such as breached baby, or sudden illness of the expectant mother, health personnel will be at hand to help CLICK TO READ MORE