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This is mother Zambia at 50

OH ZAMBIA, you are the diamond glint on a newly fallen snow.
You are the sunlight on a ripen grain, you are a combination of special and rare.
Zambia of amorous populates Zambia of patriotic men and women Zambia of shelter and vintage hospitality Zambia of proud warriors Zambia of whom man and woman sing on the banks of Zambezi.
Zambia of rich history you are twice the size of Zimbabwe 2/3 as big as South Africa your culture exceeds the Greek .
Your culture is a blend of values, norms and spiritual traditions of more than 70 ethnically diverse people.
A dark cloud flew over you in 1911 when you were named Northern Rhodesia, salt added to the wound 1924 when you were declared a British colony.
You are the home of great heroes like Simon Kapwepwe, Harry Nkumbula and Dr Kenneth Kaunda who led the struggle.
It was in 1964 when the flag hoisted for the first time at midnight of October 23 the flag symbolises patriotism and the nation’s wealth not forgetting the coat of arms that symbolises your way of life the black and white waving bars in the shield represents the Vic Falls while the hoe and pick above the shield represent the labours of the people in agriculture and the flying eagle represents the freedom and ability to rise above your problems the man and woman symbolise the great Zambian family.
You were named after the great Zambezi River.
On that day you sang the great national anthem adopted in 1964 it evokes and eulogises the history, traditions and struggles you went though.
1968 so the adoption of the kwacha reflecting national motto (new dawn of freedom).
1991 October 31 Fredrick Jacob Titus Chiluba became the second President after Dr Kaunda remembered for his oration abilities in December 241991 Zambia was declared a Christian nation.
Sad day was in 1993 when 18 players died on their way to play Senegal on the coast of Gabon.
2002 March Levy Mwanawasa became the third republican President remembered for his fight against corruption October 30 2008 Rupiah Banda became the fourth President and now Michael Sata is President known for his fight for the poor he came to power in  2011.
On February 12 2012 the copper bullets became AfCON champions becoming the second nation after South Africa to win it from southern Africa.
April 2014 so Zambia losing a great football commentator Denis Liwewe.
As you started to walk out in 1964 the way appeared God was with you today you are 50 a number of joy.
Zambia learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow.
The only magic you must believe in is love five ways to love are
1. Listen without interrupting
2. Give with all your heart
3. Forgive without punishing
4. Promise without forgetting
5. Pray without ceasing
Rise up, stand up Zambia you have wisdom on the mountains in the beautiful villages joyful songs sang on the fountains down the Zambezi
To your sons and daughters I say fear less, hope more, talk less and say more. This is your day. Dream your biggest, love your fullest, smile your brightest.
Remember dependence on God ensures victory. When fear knocks on the door answer with faith.

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