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Mother-in-law gets last laugh

INSULTS have cost a man K500 after a court ordered him to compensate his mother-in-law so that “she can buy soap to wash away the insults”.
Kelly Mwelwa, 41, of Kanyama Township, was ordered to compensate Rosemary, 58, and apologise for insulting her.
This was in a matter in which Mukisinjebo sued Mwelwa, her son-in-law, for insults.
She told the court that she has never known peace from the time her daughter got married to Mwelwa five years ago.
“Mwelwa has made it a habit to insult me every time he has a misunderstanding with my daughter. He comes to my shop to insult or calls me on phone. I have been avoiding him for too long, but I don’t think I can take it anymore,” Mukisinjebo said. CLICK TO READ MORE

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