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Most obliged sir! MPs pledge to visit constituents

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) members of Parliament (MPs) have pledged to heed President Lungu’s order to go back to their constituencies to inspect developmental projects in their respective areas, following the adjournment of Parliament on Tuesday.
Mansa Central MP Chitalu Chilufya said the President’s call is timely, above board and appropriate for all MPs to follow.
Dr Chilufya, who is Minister of Health, said in an interview yesterday that MPs draw their mandate from the people and it is important that they go back to reciprocate the confidence which the people entrusted in them by electing them.
“It is important that we go back to our constituencies and coordinate with other colleagues in Government to ensure that development takes place in our areas,” he said.
Kankoyo MP Brian Mushimba said people in constituencies have needs which MPs must listen to and help find solutions.
Mr Mushimba, who is Minister of Transport and Communication, said it is important, especially for ministers, to balance ministerial and constituency work so that they deliver effectively.
“Parliament has adjourned and it is important that we go back and tell the people what happened in Parliament and for them to tell us what issues they want us to discuss during the next sitting,” he said.
And Mpika Central MP Sylvia Chalikosa said MPs must engage with their people through various forums such as radio programmes to update them on what Government is doing to develop their areas.
Ms Chalikosa, who is Minister in the Office of the Vice-President, said MPs must also endeavour to deliver on the promises they made during campaigns.
She said it is expensive for MPs to visit their constituencies but it is worth the sacrifice as people need to be informed on a number of issues.
“Money is never enough, we have to plan and ensure we visit our areas more often,” Ms Chalikosa said.
Chililabombwe MP Richard Musukwa, who is Government Chief Whip, said it is normal practice that MPs return to their constituencies after every adjournment of Parliament to interact with people.
Ndola Central MP Emmanuel Mulenga said every MP must take President Lungu’s call seriously and go back to their areas to acquaint themselves with the needs of the people.
“People voted for us because they believed in us to give them better lives and that is why I go back every Friday and come back on Tuesdays to attend Parliament,” he said.
Meanwhile Kabwe MP Tutwa Ngulube said going back to the constituencies gives MPs an opportunity to explain government activities and obtain feedback from the electorate.
“It gives us an opportunity to understand the challenges which people go through in our constituencies,” he said.
On Tuesday, President Lungu ordered all PF MPs to visit their constituencies and inspect developmental projects until Parliament resumes sitting.