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Moslems describe Sata as leader of all time

THE Moslem community in Zambia has described President Sata as a great leader of all time.
Community representative Huzaifa Jada said Moslems in Zambia have been deeply saddened by the death of President Sata.
“One distinct quality he had was to make everyone feel important.
He stood up for the oppressed and he was kind and merciful,” Mr Jada said.
He commended Mr Sata for reviving Nitrogen Chemicals Zambia, which had almost become moribund.
President Sata recapitalised operations of Kafue’s Nitrogen Chemicals as soon as he assumed office in 2011.
The Moslem community also praised Mr Sata for coming up with unmatched infrastructure development projects such as roads, schools, colleges and universities around the country.
“We commend President Sata for offering a tender of 160,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser to Kafue’s Nitrogen Chemicals. He revived this defunct industry; his works and attributes are exactly what the Holy Koran preaches to humanity,” Mr Jada said.
He recalled how President Sata urged Kafue residents to build their own hospital using local resources.
Mr Jada said credit is still owed to President Sata for having had the vision and strong will for self-reliance, which resulted in Kafue having a general hospital through community participation.
He praised President Sata for embracing and completing capital projects that had been initiated by the previous administration.
Mr Jada noted that the Link-Zambia 8000 project is key to the country’s development, especially rural areas.
“President Sata was visionary. He worked so hard to make Zambia tick and the poor benefit to a larger extent through infrastructure development,” Mr Jada said.

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