Moses, Angela head home

ANGELA Nyirenda and Moses Sakala.

MOSES Sakala and Angela Nyirenda will next week have a homecoming concert at Blue Gums Pub and Grill in Chipata, which will also coincide with the launch of two solo albums by the other half of the Sakala Brothers.

In fact, the homecoming concert will be a triple album launch.
While Moses will be launching Madaliso and Mr Moses Sakala, Angela will also be officially introducing her Salary album.
The release of the two albums by Moses, a singer, songwriter and producer, comes four years after Levy took a different direction by venturing into gospel music.
Moses will release Madaliso and Mr Moses Sakala with two shows next Friday and Saturday at Blue Gums Pub and Grill.
“I have rebranded as Moses Sakala and as a way of continuing with Makewane music which is important for our fans and friends who have been supporting us for over three decades,” he says.
“There is no way I can let down the Zambian people and across the world who have been listening to our music.
“To do that, [and] after reflection and settling down, I have come up with two albums, which will be launched in Chipata. It will be during the weekend where there’ll be the N’cwala ceremony. For the first time, we thought of launching the albums back home in Chipata.”
While Mr Moses Sakala has 11 songs, Madaliso boasts of 12 songs, all written and produced by Moses.
The title-track for Madaliso, is a song on which Moses is thanking God for his journey. He has featured some upcoming musicians with one of them being Constance Zulu, a member of his stable.
“I have opened Odini Art Centre, a music academy to train young people to play various instruments. We also invite different people to come and learn about our heritage and learn how to play live instruments. This is like practically featuring one of the people we have groomed ourselves, one of them being Constance Zulu,” he says.
“For ‘Mr Moses Sakala’, it was just a way of recharging my battery as Moses Sakala, I sung all the voices, I did it as me. I did this to introduce myself.”
Moses says fans should look out for a song titled One Zambia, One Love from the Madaliso album which talks about fighting tribalism which he thinks has hit the nation.
From Mr Moses Sakala, he says they should look out for a song titled Sindale, about a man’s assurance that when he goes out, he goes to look for something to put food on the table and not to play around.
“There’s also another song that is calling upon all traditional leaders to go back to the misolo tree and pray because a lot of things are not going right, the traditional leaders are beyond politics so that’s also a song to look out for,” he says.
“We’ve rebranded completely, so we’re coming with a new outfit for Makewane queens, also a new dance called tractor dance. This is the first I’ll be performing as Moses Sakala and it’s not a concert but a show, well-choreographed, a theatrical performance like they’ve never seen before.”

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