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More sue vlogger Simon Mwewa


VLOGGER Simon Mwewa may have to prepare for more time in court to defend himself against continued defamation lawsuits against him, with the latest aggrieved people being Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Mwila and businessman Mwenya Matafwali. In barely a month, three libel and slander lawsuits have been filed against Mr Mwewa, whose Simon Mwewa Lane Facebook page is also facing a 30-day suspension imposed by the administrators. In the latest lawsuit filed on Friday, Mr Mwila and Mr Matafwali have gone to the Lusaka High Court seeking libel and slander damages against Mr Mwewa. They also want the court to grant an order to stop Mr Mwewa from repeating the defamatory utterances.
The two further seek the court to direct the media socialite to apologise for the malicious utterances. In the documents, Mr Mwila and Mr Matafwali say that on August 29 this year, the defendant posted slanderous sentiments against them on his Facebook page. “The defendant posted the following words: ‘During PF, all the monies collected from City Market used to be channelled to Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila and then a stipend [small amount] would be sent to LCC (Lusaka City Council)’,” the document reads. Mr Mwewa further claimed in the posting that Mr Matafwali, who is former City Market manager, reported directly to Mr Mwila and the duo shared money collected from the terminus. But Mr Mwila and Mr Matafwali complain that the words posted by Mr Mwewa mean that they are unprofessional, corrupt and have been misappropriating government resources. Last month, Chawama Member of Parliament Tasila Lungu-Mwansa sued the media socialite for criminal libel and cyberbullying. Mrs Mwansa, who is former President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, dragged Mr Mwewa, Crown Television and two others to court for alleging that CLICK TO READ MORE

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