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DELEGATES to the National Dialogue Forum following proceedings during plenary at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in March 2019.

Morality rates high in 2019 politics

THE world of politics always has fascinating twists and turns, as leaders and visionaries carry out activities to determine the best course of actions to ensure able governance of people and resources. As with all things that involve the governance of a group of people, discussions have to be started, debate has to thrive as opposing opinions are made and countered, and finally, decisions have to be arrived at, by consensus or by vote. The year 2019 was no different.
The political year started with commencement of Parliament sitting in February 2019 with Sesheke Member of Parliament Romel Kangombe being sworn in barely two days after Parliament opened. This followed the death of Frank Kufwakwandi in November 2018.
In line with the Constitution requirement that the president presents a speech to Parliament twice a year on the progress made in the application of national values and principles, President Edgar Lungu on March 8, 2019 presented his first address to Parliament.