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CONGOLESE rhumba star Koffi Olomide, barred two years ago from performing here after some indiscretions in Kenya, is expected to appear for a concert at the Government Complex in Lusaka on July 27 alongside local artiste Danny Kaya.Obviously, some puritans will scream blue murder that Koffi has been allowed to perform here again.
But as promoter Suke Chile told the Weekend Mail, Koffi apologised for his indiscretions.
Whichever way, the announcement of his K1,000 per-person show dubbed “VVIP Maestro Show” is bound to excite Koffi fans.
Despite his disappointing off stage incidents, as a musician, the 62-year-old remains one of the most popular on the continent. In fact, he probably only lost a few fans as a result of those incidents two years.
In any case, fans have a tendency to indulge and forgive their stars’ indiscretions. For instance, would you omit Luis Suarez or Eric Cantona from your football team because of their indiscretions? Most probably, you would not. It must certainly be the same case for Koffi, who has such a strong appeal to both the young and the old.
For those that are just coming through, he is able to appeal to them with songs such as Effrakata, Nyataquance, Selfie and the more recent Tsou Tsou. And for those from the old school, Koffi reminds them of the Alain Kounkou and Kanda Bongo Man era.
If there is anything that that proves, it is how Koffi has evolved with his music over the years.
Koffi was banned in July 2016 from appearing for a concert in Zambia shortly after he was deported from Kenya when a video emerged showing him kicking one of his female dancers.
But he apologised on his Facebook page saying: “Once again, I would like to apologise to many friend(s), brothers, sisters, fans and especially to the WOMEN and CHILDREN, I beg you to give me your forgiveness.”
However, despite that, the power of social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook proved too strong as it could not hear any of it. The organisers were forced to cancel it.
But Suke says Koffi considers Zambia as his second home, and whatever happened in the past, belongs in the past. What he is looking forward to, is a good show.

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