Mopani acquisition not affecting public external debt – analyst

GOVERNMENT’S acquisition of Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) at US$1.5 billion has no effect on the country’s public external debt but on the total external debt, explains Katimba Chisanga, an economic analyst.
Mr Chisanga said in an interview yesterday that there is a difference between total external public debt and total external debt.
He explains that total external public debt refers to all foreign-denominated debt accrued by Government and guaranteed by Government.
Mr Chisanga said it is debt contracted by Government entities and quasi-government entities and that as at last year, it stood at US$11.97 billion.
He said, on the other hand, total external debt is the total of all the external debt owed by entities domiciled in Zambia, including MCM’s debt to Glencore.
“The external debt as at last year stood at CLICK TO READ MORE

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