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Monze dairy loses over K20,000

A DAIRY cooperative in Monze lost about 5,000 litres of milk estimated at K27,000 after three cooling tanks were damaged when electricity was restored without notice.
Monze district smallholder dairy co-operative, which has four cooling tanks had three of the storage facilities damaged about three weeks ago due to high voltage when power was restored in the areas.
The co-operative has put in place interventions such as power controllers to help control the current that goes to the cooling tanks when power is restored to avoid damage of equipment.
According to a statement on the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) website, the three cooling tanks have since been repaired with the intervention from Dairy Association of Zambia (DAZ).
ZNFU said about 300 smallholder dairy farmers have since called on DAZ to intervene in the matter as their source of income has been affected.
“The generator, agitator, compressor and fan for the 3,000 litres cooling tank got damaged when Zesco Limited restored power following an abrupt power cut. The co-operative in Monze lost over K27,000 for the more than 5,000 litres of milk which became sour after the milk cooling tank got damaged and this was within a week. However, all the tanks are now working,” the ZNFU statement says.
The Monze dairy cooperative produces between 3,500 litres and 4,000 litres per day.
“The production capacity is not affected. What is affected is the milk turning sour when electricity goes because of the cooling tanks. So the loss is driven by power cuts and in this case only 500 litres is sold as buyers do not like buying sour milk,” ZNFU says.
The ZNFU, however, said Monze district smallholder dairy co-operative has a membership of 470, including one satellite co-operative. Over 50 co-operatives affiliated to DAZ have been adversely affected by loading shedding.

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