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Mongu youths laud President Sata

THE late President Sata has received kudos from youths in Mongu for rehabilitating most township roads which were in a deplorable state.
The youths, most of whom are taxi drivers, said some roads were almost impassable making it difficult to conduct their business.
The taxi drivers represented by Likando Likando said the bad roads did not only have a negative impact on their businesses but on their vehicles as well.
“President Sata has left an unprecedented legacy in our town, our roads were very from town to other areas, we used to avoid certain routes for fear of damaging our vehicles, and we will miss him for this. We hope the next President will continue from where the late President has left because roads contribute favourably to development,” Mr Likando said.
And street vendors in the district also praised President Sata for the peace they have been enjoying in the central district of town as they conduct their business.
Speaking on behalf of other vendors, Mwangala Sililo said the late President was like a father to them as he always listened to their plight.
“We hope that we will not start running battles with the police and the council to chase us from the streets. Our President embraced us, so whoever is going to take over should also do the same, we are saddened to have lost that man,” Ms Sililo said.
Meanwhile, Western Province permanent secretary Augustine Seyuba said people should reflect on how President Sata managed to transform the lives of people in various sectors of society.
Mr Seyuba said President Sata created 16 districts in the province for decentralisation and creation of jobs for the local people.
“We have also seen that the initial plan for the construction of township roads in Mongu was nine kilometres but it was increased to 12 kilometres.
All this was aimed at improving the road infrastructure. The ongoing construction works of a new district hospital and infrastructure development in the education sector also indicates that the President had a heart for his people,” Mr Seyuba said.