Money Music returns with the King


SELF-PROCLAIMED king of dancehall music Kayombo, who runs record label called Money Music, is expected to release his second album in the next two months which

he has titled Return of the King.
The new album comes 10 years after King Kayo, as he is also called, released his debut The King, which had songs like Just Know.
“I have been promoting music for a long time, I have helped a lot of musicians in Zambia, the likes of Mampi, Franciar and other,” he says.
“My last album was over 10 years, I’ve just been releasing singles. Music is just part time so what I did was, I didn’t stop music, I just started helping the young generation, am the one who did P-Jay’s last album.
“Now am working on an album, it’ll be called The Return of the King and it’ll be out in the next two months.”
King Kayo has already got singles out and already getting airplay like Kombwiko, Bapongoshi I Need a Refund featuring JK and Kukacha Lelo. He is also working on some videos to be out this month before the album is released.
“I’m planning to do some videos… I want to do are for Reason for My Joy, this one I featured DJ Cosmo on it and Kukacha Lelo,” he says.
Otherwise, other than JK and DJ Cosmo, King Kayo has also worked with Kekero and Mampi. Kekero also appears as the main producer.
“They [fans] should expect something educative and just reality that we can work hard as Zambia. Some songs will motivate us, we need to realise that we are not supposed to depend on the government when we are the government,” he says.

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