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Modern systems, technologies vital, says COMESA

A MOTORIST pays toll fees at Kafulafuta on Ndola-Kapiri Road. Government recently introduced Road Toll Gates on Great North Road. PICTURE: MATHEWS KABAMBA.

COMESA says there is need to adopt modern systems and technologies that support the regional integration agenda.
This will ensure that ICTs become an effective enabler for the region’s development.
The regional body says such systems as Regional Payment Systems and Automated Customs and Transit Systems quicken the speed of doing business.
This is according to the draft medium- term Strategic Plan (SP) in Pursuit of Regional Economic Transformation and Development 2016-2020.
The draft further states that this objective includes all programmes, support systems and tools that help member states deliver quality services, and allow the secretariat staff to effectively accomplish the critical business tasks of the organisation.
“Properly harnessed, ICT’s can be transformative and significantly bring down the cost of doing business. The elements of this Strategic Plan will provide means of enhancing COMESA’s capacity to achieve its objectives by ensuring a strategic application of ICTs as an enabler,” the report reads in part.
According to the draft, several initiatives and innovations have been developed which have led to the tools and applications being less costly and more available and accessible to a wider section of the population.
This is through various sectors of development such as education, health, environment, public sectors operations and agriculture and mining, among others.
The draft also states that in the recent past, there has been a greater shift towards social media, which has also positively impacted on the adoption of ICT’s.

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