Letter to the Editor

Modern offices needed for some government departments

Dear editor,
THROUGH your newspaper, allow me to urge the Ministry of Infrastructure Development to critically look at and plan for the construction of modern offices for several government departments across the country.Those who know the factors that contribute to employee morale will agree with me that working in a disorganised work environment cannot be the best for staff productivity.
Conversely, a good, clean and well-ventilated working environment has a very positive effect on the mood and morale of employees.
In short, people are happy when they are working in a clean and well organised environment.
Examples of workplaces which are neglected, especially at district level, are forestry, agriculture and labour offices.
Most of these offices are dilapidated, do not have modern office furniture and equipment such as computers, tables and chairs, and staff are crammed in “tight“ corners. Little wonder controlling officers have a tough time “pushing“ their staff to be reporting for work on time. I assume one major reason is that the staff feel demotivated by their working environments!!
In the Seventh National Development Plan, Government has committed itself to building agricultural training institutes in various parts of the country (believably at district level).
It would be very appropriate to carry out such a plan with staff morale in mind by ensuring that the buildings are done along with modern offices.
Being government departments, the offices can be in one complex and make inter-government departmental jobs easier.
Kapiri Mposhi

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