Letter to the Editor

Mobile service providers duping clients

Dear editor,
MOBILE service providers are duping customers in the name of upgrading from 3G to 4G and upward speeds.These service providers have not yet finished upgrading their systems.
Even when one does a sim swap they find that in their area there is no 4G network.
To make matters worse, mobile service providers are offering services which are not obtainable.
Without proper explanation they entice you to do a sim swap, they even give you steps to follow for you to activate your 1GB data bundle offer.
Upon trying, you only receive a response that “sorry your handset is not 4G supported”.
My appeal is, let them do it the ZNBC way during the digital migration.
First upgrade the systems then sell the decoders to consumers.
In the same manner, let them first upgrade their systems then embark on a sim swap campaign.
And let them further explain well to customers what type of handsets operate on this 4G networks because others are doing it ignorantly thinking when a deadline date comes, you will not be able to make or receive a call.

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