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‘Mobile money providers should meet customers’ needs’

DEVELOPING human-centric designs in digital financial services remains key in accelerating mobile payment solutions, especially to unbanked communities, the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) has observed.

UNCDF regional technical specialist for mobile money for the poor Nandini Harihareswara said mobile money platform providers should provide services that address the unmet needs of customers.
Speaking yesterday at the UNCDF-organised human-centric design and iterative testing workshop aimed at demonstrating how the approach can revolutionalise the delivery of products, Ms Harihareswara said the organisation has been working with various players to ensure effective service delivery.
UNCDF is a capital investment agency for least developed countries and aims to create new opportunities for the poor by increasing access to microfinance and investment capital.
“Together, we are supporting the Zambian digital finance providers on how to test, launch and scale products that meet the needs, wants and aspirations of Zambians.
“After working with three top digital financial service providers in Zambia and interacting with customers and agents, we have supported providers to generate and test concepts for new financial products,” she said.
Ms Harihareswara said there is need for all financial service providers to be part of the wave of change and innovation.