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‘Mo Fire at Limpos Pub’

DANNY performed with his Mo Fire Band at Limpos Pub last Friday. PICTURE: SHIKANDA KAWANGA

INDEED, not everything was happening at the Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show in the Lusaka Showgrounds as those who were at Limpos Pub in Livingstone last Friday where Danny Kaya and his Mo Fire Band were performing can testify.

Ask most of them, and they will tell you that they did not feel like they missed out on anything major by not being in the Lusaka Showgrounds.

The reason is simple; Danny was live in concert.
That is reason enough to have his fans salivating.
The event, which was well attended started a bit late as the  Mo Fire Band had to ensure that the musical instruments were finely tuned for a live performance.
Talk about perfection, and the Mo Fire are up there.
It was evident that Danny is a crowd puller as seen from the fans that patiently waited for him to start performing.
“Danny is one of the artistes in Zambia who is a great performer and worthy paying for at a show,” one of the fans in attendance told the Weekend Mail.
Well, they are right.
Even though most of the songs are not frequently played on radio like it was in the past, Danny Kaya remains a public’s darling as can be evidenced when he holds a show anywhere across the country.
They are simply successful.
At Limpos, Danny put up an impressive performance alongside his longtime backing vocalist Naso.
His presence on stage was received with huge cheers from the Livingstone fans as well as those in transit that made a stop-over in the tourist capital.
It is what you expect when Danny is in town.


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