M’membe takes plea on 5 charges


FRED M’membe has pleaded not guilty to charges of personation, disobeying lawful orders, failure to deliver properties, concealing of properties and preventing the production of books affecting the Post Newspaper Limited (in liquidation).

M’membe pleaded not guilty to all the five counts when the matter came up before Lusaka magistrate David Simusamba yesterday.
However, his lawyer, Nchima Nchito, informed the court that the complainants in the matter and their lawyers were not before court.
This prompted Magistrate Simusamba to read the charges to the accused person and recorded a plea of not guilty.
M’membe, 58, of Nangwenya road, Rhodespark, is accused on dates unknown, but between November 1, 2016 and February 13, 2017, jointly, and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, of personating as an officer of the Post newspaper and or personating as the person appointed by the High Court as provisional liquidator.
M’membe is also facing a charge of disobeying lawful orders, while in the third court, he is charged with failing to deliver up to the provisional liquidator the real and personal property, books and documents under his custody or control, being the properties and documents belonging to the Post Newspaper Limited (in liquidation).
He also faces the charge of concealing or was privy to the concealing of property of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation).
M’membe is also charged with an offence of preventing the production of books or papers affecting or relating to the property or affairs of the Post Newspapers Limited (in liquidation).
Magistrate Simusamba has adjourned the matter to August, 7 2017.


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