Letter to the Editor

MMD leadership to blame for defections, comatose state

Dear editor,
I DO NOT understand why Raphael Nakachinda and Mutolo Phiri are blaming Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) members for defecting to Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) according to an article published in one of the daily newspapers recently.

Do they expect the members to be dormant as they have been themselves? In fact, the top leadership in the party is totally responsible for the situation the party is in.
As it is now, the once massive ruling party (MMD) is headless.
The intra divisions, which have led to emergence of two factions, have made the situation worse.
This situation has pushed members to defect to serious parties which can provide leadership and direction.
The party’s continued participation in politics is inconsequential and a total disaster. Even new parties like Rainbow are stamping their presence. Anyone serious about their political career cannot be a member of a party which is in comatose mode and only resuscitates when it is election time.
Politics is described as a science of government. There is no time when the government stops to work, hence the opposition parties cannot afford to be inactive at any given time, otherwise they become irrelevant.
For democracy to work, we need strong opposition parties who can help offer checks and balances on Government.

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